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All about shipping Asstra

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Transport by sea is the oldest method of delivering large loads over long distances. Even in the days of Ancient Egypt, transportation by water was used in many areas of people’s activities, such as trade or construction. Sea transportation of cargoes are famous for their economy, availability, they became a powerful tool of commercial relations. This kind of transportation has a number of advantages, for example, transportation of multi-ton consignments around the globe.

Also, transportation by sea can be called one of the most reliable for cargo, since the containers provide security for the goods transported.

Asstra (Associated Traffic Ag) has been shipping by sea for over 20 years. Since 1995, Asstra has started to carry out international transport operations. For many years of continuous improvement, Asstra has become one of the leading companies in the field of transportation and carries them almost all over the globe (mainly in Europe, CIS and Asia). By carefully studying the specifics of transportation in specific industries, Asstra employees effectively solve the tasks posed by the client. AsstrA sets a high standard in the provision of services and attentively treats the requirements of international law. For each insured event with the client a contract is concluded, and its partners are followed by the partners of the company from Switzerland and Germany.

Asstra provides certain guarantees for transportation by sea, such as: uninterrupted delivery of goods from the place of shipment to the destination, quality control of the transportation services provided and responsibility for the safety of the goods transported, clearance of all accompanying documents without problems, provision of cargo services and international sea freight

Transport something by the sea can be different modes of transport, for example there is a special vessel for transportation of animals. To transport large equipment or any chemical fluid, other types of sea vessels are already used. The same applies to the bundling of goods in containers, the type of which directly depends on the cow you want to transfer or a batch of children’s toys. The entire transportation system is flexibly tailored to the wishes and capabilities of the client.

Among goods transported by sea transport, goods with increased danger, such as oil products or cargo, are not excluded. The company Asstra provides all the necessary actions for the transportation of such goods. Transportation security is regulated at a serious level by national and international regulations.

All shipments by sea to Asstra are carried out exclusively legally, which is an important aspect in choosing a reliable transportation company.


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